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Buzznet is the web’s largest social magazine where the content is created by the members for the members. Over 2,000,000 people visit Buzznet each month. That’s larger than the circulations of Spin and Vogue Magazines!

Anyone can create content on Buzznet and share it with others (in fact we highly encourage it). So… if you’d like to get your content featured on our homepage, here are some tips:

First and foremost, we want to hear your voice! Whether it’s through your insightful commentary on music, movies, fashion, celebs, etc…or your own art, we want to hear from YOU. So post those photos of a new clothing line that you like, but make sure to tell us why you like it, where you would wear it, and why beige is so hot right now (or…not).

TITLE: Make Your Title BANG!

A good title is the fluffy welcome mat that invites people to put their delicate footsies on your post.

Make your title clear by using the key words that describe what your post is about. Note: Funny titles tend to get more views.

CONTENT: We like to feature content that is:

· Timely, original, interesting, relevant and/or funny

· The news of the day or musings about what is happening NOW in music, pop culture, fashion, TV, comedy, movies, celebrities and cats-in-cute-outfits get lots of eyeballs on Buzznet

· Try to make sure your posts have correct spelling and punctuation. Grammar is like, totally cool!

LAYOUT: Dress it up!

· Photos and videos are awesome and fun and do magical dances with other people’s eyeballs. Use them in your posts.

· A note on thumbnails: we like it when you use them. We don’t like it when you don’t. The end.

CREDITING SOURCES: Its great to reference other peoples stuff but:

· CITE YOUR SOURCES whenever possible. Link them too.

EDITORIAL INPUT: If your post does get featured, it’s subject to basic editorial finishing. This is a fancy way of saying the Buzznet Editorial team may punch up a title that will help more people see your incredible post, and we might capitalize something or add in a period here and there. If you are NOT okay with any editorial changes, please feel free to contact our friendly site admins at

SHARE YOUR STUFF: One great way to show us your content is feature-worthy, is if we see other folks are really digging it. So don’t be shy, share your content by:

· Tweeting it, posting it to Facebook, Tumblr or sharing via other means.

· Encourage others to comment or buzz. Conversations make the world go round.

If you still have questions, you can always contact and ask away.

Now go forth and get featured fair Buzznetters!