Famous People Birthday Blow Out – Guess Who’s Another Year Older Today?

The ancient Sumerians were right when they marked their calendars with a strange set of cuniform symbols that when roughly translated, meant “a starless heaven happened this night.” Apparently, there are like, ALL KINDS OF FAMOUS ASS PEOPLE that were born today. That means that all the stars fell out of the sky and came here to terra firma so that they could grace the small and big screens of the world.

Great. I had to explain my own joke. If I were an actor, I would basically be taking on bit work in movies with both kids and pets. Do I need to explain that one also? Today just isn’t my day. Let’s get to seeing who’s day it actually is:

It’s this dudes birthday. Bree is totally baking this bloke a cake and watching Inception by herself tonight. He gets cake. He gets cake with Bree.

Photo by: JussiJames

Billie Joe Armstrong turns 39 today. He doesn’t get any cake because he still only knows about 6 guitar chords.

Yup. It’s Michael Bay’s b day as well. You know what though? For making such a horrible adaptation of Transformers, he doesn’t get any cake.

Paris Hilton turns 30 today. She doesn’t want any cake. Well, that’s probably not true. She only wants cake if the frosting is made of coke. She can totally afford to buy me AND I’D LET HER.

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