Don’t Mess With Leighton Meester’s Mama!

Poor Leighton Meester. Her life is currently resembling a real-life Gossip Girl episode: a feud between her mother and a former friend is out in the public – and getting uglier by the minute!

Yesterday, a Los Angeles judge granted the Gossip Girl star’s former friend Laurel Wiig a restraining order against Leighton’s mother Constance. According to Laurel, Constance “threatened to hunt down and kill [her]” after an ugly confrontation between the two last month.

“She is an addict and had made a threat to kill,” Laurel described in court documents.

The court order states Constance must stay 100 yards away from Laurel, reports RadarOnline.

This makes Leighton sad 🙁

Yikes!! Sadly, this isn’t the first time Constance has been in trouble with the law; in fact she gave birth to Leighton in prison while serving a 10-year sentence after being busted for a drug ring.

Do you think Leighton’s mama is really cray-cray or is former friend trying to get her 15 (wait… 14-and-a-half) minutes of fame?

And the REAL question: What would Gossip Girl have to say about this?