Dancing, Dancing Crazy with Miranda Cosgrove and Greyson Chance in L.A.

What better way to spend a Friday night then at a Miranda Cosgrove and Greyson Chance concert? Yeah, I couldn’t think of anything either…and apparently the entire population of LA under 13 felt the same way!

Let me tell you. I love guilty pleasure pop music. I don’t think that’s any secret if you’ve checked out any of my posts on Justin Bieber or Burnham. So, I jumped at the chance to see Miranda and Greyson perform the final date of the Dancing Crazy Tour at Club Nokia in Downtown LA.

I’ve never been to Club Nokia (BTW it’s nothing like the one in NY!) so I wasn’t sure what to think when I found out I was in the second balcony. In the last row. I am not kidding. But I was plesantly surprised to find out that there is literally not a bad seat in the house. The venue is awesome. And if those last row seats aren’t cutting it for you, there’s an area that I assume is used for General Admission during regular shows that you can basically hang out in. Instant floor seats? Check!

I made it to the venue just in time to catch Greyson perform his single “Waiting Outside the Lines.” That kid can SING! If you’re not familiar, he’s the guy who sang Lady Gaga at a talent show, got about a billion hits on YouTube and Ellen Degeneres created her record label eleveneleven, JUST so she could sign him! And now I understand why!

Miranda rocked it later in the evening (but not TOO late!) proving that she was more than just a Nickelodeon actress. She opened with the iCarly theme song, featuring a special appearance by her TV older brother Drake Bell from “Drake and Josh.” The rest of the evening she was backed by the Click Five. Remember them!? Her set included her hit “Kissin You,” along with a new song called “Sayonara.” She ended the evening with her most recent single “Dancing Crazy” with a guest appearance by Greyson and possibly the cutest little girls ever dancing crazy on stage.

The concert special featuring footage from the Dancing Crazy tour will air on Nickelodeon this March.

Moral of the story: I love teen pop music. You should too.

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