Daily Music Dose: Deerhunter

Sometimes, I just start listning to things because they are there, on the internet. You know how like when you go into these rabbit hole adventures and just start digging though stuff and then you end up in this place that has nothing to do with what you were first searching for, etc. etc? Well, that’s what happened to me when I found Deerhunter. I don’t know what happened or how I happened to find them but I did and mostly they are amazing, mostly.

I’ve heard them dscribed as shoegaze (sorta, but no), indie (kinda but still, no), and all other types of things that have pieces of their sound but there really isn’t a label that totally encompasses them.

Revival – Halycon Digest

I mean, listen to this. What is that? Other than amazing, is there a musical style for this? I’m pretty sure that’s a banjo, right? I love this song.

And this:

Like New

Holy shit this song is so good. I get why this is considered shoe gaze. I mean, I’m actually looking at my shoes and gazing the F out.

Deerhunter’s sound is very unique. It’s like a sonic hug for your ears. Check them out!