born in the U.S.A.

anna prommel posted this photo on my facebook & i am truly in love with it! reminds me of the patriotic kate moss photo.. he he! this week is truly the week of birthdays.. i am celebrating 3 of my friends birthdays.. last night was tanjee’s. she had a small get together at this restaurant potato chips on beverly.. at night they serve tacos & burritos.. super yummy spot! tonight my friend jenn is having a party at this rock n roll bar angels & kings in hollywood.. AND finally… he he.. tomorrow my friend bella is having people over to her parents house for a big dinner & a screen of the movie 127 hours.. i had no real interest in seeing it but i heard it got ok reviews.. did you see it? today i am taking my extensions out & giving my head a break for the week. early next week i am putting new ones in with colored tips!!! going back & forth with the idea of green or pink.. i can’t decide.. both are so good.. hmm..

i am craving sushi & a hot bubble bath. just saying.

happy friday love bugz xoxo