Book of the month: Safe at home

I’ve always loved CHARMED tv show, my fav ever! I can’t stop to watch it even though it’s already finished for almost 5 years, and I have a particular obsession with everything talk about this show and its characters, my fav actresses ever!

Another passion of mine is read book, although I haven’t a lot of free time because university takes me away a lot of space, and even because I have to read and study a lot of other books for university, I try to find a little bit of my time to read other books: while I’m in train for to go at university or while the lunchbreak…

A couple of days ago I started to read this book by Alyssa Milano: Safe at Home – Confession of a baseball fanatic

Also to be a great actress, testimonial and woman, she’s also a great writer, already love this book. It talks about her passion for baseball (in particular to Dodgers) since she was really young, transmitted from her dad to her. She also talks about her life and her childhood, from her first audition to the triumph in tv shows like Who’s The Boss? and Charmed and her debut in fashion area with her line TOUCH inspired to baseball.

I advice this book to all CHARMED and Alyssa Milano’s fans, to all baseball fanatic and to everyone who loves read a great book.