Beautiful New Simulation App for iPhone by The Kraken Black Spiced Rum

The Kraken® is a Black Spiced Rum with amazing graphices, and now they have turned those grpahice into a video game for the iPhone, and iPod touch. It’s a “NEAR ACCURATE SIMULATION”, so that you may experience the perils they first encountered in bringing this fine product to the world.

The games iTunes Page describes the game; “Utilizing State-of-the-Art 19th Century Technology, You Must Attempt to Successfully Deliver a Shipment of Black Spiced Rum across the Darkest of All the Seas. Or Be Swallowed Whole By the Beast of Myth and Legend, the Mighty Kraken. Harnessing the Natural Aquatic Properties of your Hand-held Apparatus, Navigate your Ship through an Array of Hazards, being Careful not to be Waylaid by One, as the Mighty Kraken will not Twice Ponder your Permanent Removal from the Map – By Means of Devouring”.

Features Include:Instructions Given By Prof. Thornton Cumberbatch, Undersea Oddity Specialist. Spectacular Accelerometer-sensitive Ship Maneuverability. Multiple Uncannily Realistic Hazards (Brace Yourself Accordingly.) Three Remarkably True-to-Legend Kraken Perish Scenarios. Fall-Off-The-Edge-of-Earth Accuracy Actual Distress Cries of Fallen Seamen Hand-etched Art, Etched by Real Hands. Success Rewards Participant with Simulated Glass of Black Spiced Rum. Original Musical Composition by, Master of Orchestras, Christopher Hicken. Animation created by Madam Ariane Irle.

This game looks really fun and entertaining, but honestly the graphics are the main reason I’m intrested. They are AMAZING! I love video games with this old school look to them. Although I havn’t had a chance to play the game yet I did download it and plan on plyaing it on free time. Can’t wait to play this beautifully crafted game, and who knows maybe I’ll play while drinking some Kraken is a Black Spiced Rum…

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