Whats In My Bag Vegas Edition

1. vintage bad from Retrospect in Philly 2. imported fashion magazines 3. lavender lipstick 4. cheetah wilma 5. Tokyolux Spring flower crown 6. smells like teen spirit Coco De Coeur shirt 7. rescue pastilles 8. Burts Bees coco butter & sesame oil hand repair 9. Monoi Tiki Tahiti body oil 10. astrological oracle 11. bad girl blue mascara 12. Chanel charming glitter gloss 13. Manic Panic cotton candy 14. OCC ginger nail varnish 15. silver eye glitter 16. vintage sunglasses

Currently packing for Vegas. I leave in a few hours! Those rescue pastilles are a life saver. Melts your stress away….Magic is like fashion hell, I mean that in the best way possible so im sure they will come in handy over the course of the week. Im exicited to try my new Monoi Tiki Tahiti body oil, hopefully I can sneak away for a little and relax by the pool. Our hotel has a shark tank water slid in it… might have to give that one a try.

Viva Las Vegas!