Anne Hathaway Tells Argentina Not To Cry And Shakes Her Rump

When Anne Hathaway starts to pop and lock, it’s a sure-tell sign that the countdown to the Oscars is officially ON!

In a promo for Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony, an outtake from the show’s opening mini-movie shows a solo Anne Hathaway starting to sing “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” from Broadway’s Evita. But in a quick second Anne changes direction and goes into a rendition of Wreckx-N-Effect’s “Rump Shaker.” Anne Hathaway geeking out and impressing us with her best hip hop moves? Yes please!

Watch as Anne goes from crooning Broadway to straight hip hop (via The Hollywood Reporter):

This isn’t the first video promo Anne has done; along with co-host James Franco, the two shot a Grease homage, which is being released online in preparation for Sunday’s big event.

Are you stoked to see Anne Hathaway host the Oscars? Do you think Anne and James Franco will make good Oscar hosts?