5 Songs for a Little…Um…*Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge* on Valentine’s Day

So we’ve dealt with the happily single and the vengeful, but hey, there are some people who actually spend Valentine’s Day with someone else.

And maybe…um…DOING things. Maybe just dancing dirty with someone in a club, maybe some heavy making-out and maybe. You know. Stuff.

Well, no matter how hot and heavy you get (and that’s totally up to you, just do it safe, folks), here’s 5 songs you can put on in the background while getting down to it. Or up to it. However you like it.

Garbage “#1 Crush (Romeo and Juliet Version)”

Poe “Hey Pretty (Drive-By Remix)”

(The person narrating in this is actually Poe’s brother, Mark Z. Danielewski, and he’s reading from his book House of Leaves, which is one of my absolute favorite books. EVER. Just putting that out there.)

30 Seconds to Mars “Stranger in a Strange Land”

No Doubt “Hella Good”

Cobra Starship “My Moves are White (White Hot That Is)”

So, what are you favorite songs that make you feel…stuff.