2011 Academy Awards Just Keep Getting Lamer As The Minutes Tick By! Oscars Big Boring Night!

11 Observations From

The Boringest Oscars


  • Penelope Cruz Definitely Got Face Work Done. Nose Job Perhaps?
  • Florence Welch is Secretly a Nun.
  • Put Down the Microphone Balding Gwyneth Paltrow! Is it Just Me or Does She Look Like She’s Losing her Hair (and Sanity Thinking She Can Sing)?!
  • Boobs Are In! Holy Red Carpet Cleavage.
  • Scarjo is Looking for a Makeout Buddy Tonight in That Dress.
  • Jude Law’s Bow Tie was Crooked.
  • Anne Hathaway’s Giving a Pitiful Attempt at her Best Tony Award Performance.
  • Inception? What?!
  • I Can No Longer Picture Trent Reznor Nailed to a Cross Wearing Black Lipstick & Goth Moon Boots.
  • Weight Watcher’s Works — OMG Jennifer Hudson!
  • I Never Want to go to Dinner with James Franco and Anne Hathaway – Might Possibly be the Boringest People EVER!!!

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