It was an interesting day I was trying to take photos of some icicles hanging from my house when all of a sudden I saw my neighbors cat QUE stalking something near my platform bird and squirrel feeder. I did see something under it and thought OMG it’s a squirrel and QUE is going to catch it. I ran over and realized it was another cat that hangs around here also trying to capture my birds. The cat came bolting out from underneath and QUE went running after him/her through the snow like a wolf or fox chasing a rabbit in deep snow !!!! They ran and QUE did catch up with the cat but couldn’t quite get him and then the other cat went straight up one of my very tall trees !!! Well that cat was so high up but I think it did come down I’ll have to check later on today :O

If you view this in full size you should be able to see the face of the cat under there !!! Also please check out my previous photo : )