How To Treat My Chemical Romance Concert Withdrawal

My Chemical Romance won’t be going on tour until this Spring, and even then they’ll only be playing major markets in order to not cause themselves the same exhaustion they suffered after The Black Parade World Tour. Rhythm guitarist Frank Iero says “There’s not enough hours in a day and there’s not enough days in the year and you can’t do it for everybody, and it’s a shame, because you want to be able to.” He also, um, POLITELY requests that fans stop Twittering at him to complain.

Okay, that really sucks. It’s understandable, but it still sucks.

So, for those of us not in major markets, and especially for those people who live too far to commute to a major market for a show, here are some performance videos. Invite a bunch of friends over, smush yourselves together in front of the computer, complain about the cost of a bottle of water, and it’s almost like a concert experience.

(Warning: I’m not sure about zone restrictions on this first video, I apologize to those of you who can’t see it.)

So, there. Enjoy.