Timeless Divas

I’ve always looked to the past as a sorta of fascination and admiration, over all about fashion and female world, there was a different classy and elegance compared today, women had a really sexy appeal simply with a smile and there was the transgression we are used to see in those last years, and 90% of people thinks to doesn’t become famous without transgression.

They should look to the past and inspire to timeless icon of the beauty, I chose three legends, who in my opinion, are the sexiest women ever lived!

Grace Kelly

A queen, an actress, a mother, a great woman, the perfection made woman

Marilyn Monroe

I’ve always loved her smile and her sex appeal, one of the most late actresses of the past

Audrey Hepburn

Deep eyes, dark hair, pure look. Everyone would have a breakfast with her.

Anyone is agree with me?

What are your timeless divas?