the bay area

i had a blast in the bay area last weekend. on Friday i made my way up, stopping in San Luis Obispo to check on one of the boutiques that carry my line

then on Saturday I was a guest speaker at the Defining Girls Academy to motivate & inspire teens to follow their dreams! it was such an amazing moving experience

later that afternoon i had a sample sale at this cute little boutique called hip chick so many girls came in to chat & shop!

on my way back to LA on Sunday I stopped in the gorgeous city of Monterey, it’s a pretty little beach town! I went shopping and even got a FACE PAINTING 😀 hahaha

so happy to be back home && I have so many exciting projects coming up. I’m working on some one of a kinds for celebs to wear on the red carpet! busy busy weeeek. i will keep yall posted xoxo

yours truly, designer Jazmin Whitley