The Sweetest Brothers/Sisters Of The Show Business – Britney & Jamie Lynn Spears

I decided to do this blog because I love so much three couples of brothers/sisters in the show business after all the others.

In the next week I’ll post the remaining two blogs, the first is dedicated to Spears family, in particular to the wonderful harmony between the Queen of Pop Britney Spears and her sister Jamie Lynn, known to everyone as Zoey Brooks in “Zoey 101”.

They have almost 10 years of difference (Britney, December 2nd 1981; Jamie Lynn, April 4th, 1991) but they are so closed and sweet together, and they are really really similar.

When Jamie Lynn was young always said she wants become like her sister, or better! And Britney said her sister must lives her ages and then one day she can become someone if she want! But it’s so important she spend time with her friends and can play with dolls ect… [These quote you can find in Heart to Heart’s book written by Britney and her mum Lynne]

Britney has always loved her little sister as a daughter and now both are mothers, love to spend time together with their babies at the swimming pool.

In FOR THE RECORD documentary, Britney said a thing impressed me a lot: “My sister can go at the supermarket with her baby. I can’t!”

These are a couple of the cutest pics together

Thoughts? Anyone else agree with me?