Shopping’s Day

Today has been really really full! I went to a fantastic mall with my parents, and like always I bought a lot of things hahaha i can’t resist to the charm of the shopping!

We stayed out all the day, we come back home at 7pm, now here in Italy it’s 10:30pm

Tomorrow night I go at the cinema always with my parents and in during the day I would relax myself and do something, maybe some DIY, even because I bought a couple of new stuff like ribbons and headbands and i would give space to my creativity and create something of personal, i’ve always hate have something that also have someone else

Dreams’ book, TOKIDOKI eraser, David Bowie’s albums: The Buddha of Suburbia & Eart hl i ngs
Love at first sight with this ice cream necklace *w*

I wish to everyone of you an amazing weekend, what are your plans?