Seeking Dreams……Chapter Eighty-Two

Back at the spa:

“You know my face is still red from that face thing” Gabrielle says as she and Emily sit on two comfy lawn chairs a small pond.

“Oh shut up. I’m going to hate it when we get our manicure and pedicure” Emily says now putting two cucumber slices on her eyes.

Gabrielle shakes her head.

“Shouldn’t we be eating these instead?” Gabrielle says now looking at hers.

“Their for soothing your eyes dambass” Emily says looking like an alien with hers on.

“Screw you” Gabrielle says.

She then picks up one of hers and gives it a long look.

“Ew” she says now plopping it back down on the plate.

“Do you know what time the finger and toes things are?” she then says Emily.

“At two thirty” Emily replies.

Gabrielle then looks at the clock.

“Twenty minutes then” Gabrielle says grimly now drooping back in her chair.