Question of The Day: What’s Your Song Of The Day?

Photo By: 5Footer

Song of the Day: Drifting Thing – Polar Bear Club

“Each time you put me on the train I’m less and less sure you’ll do it againDon’t do it again..”

This QOTD is brought to you by sadness squared. I’m trying something new today because well, I can and stuff. Plus, it’s good to try new stuff, right? I’M HERE TO SHAKE UP YOUR SODA! What’s your Song of the Day? What song is getting you through Tuesday?

Tuesday is kind of a horrible day. I mean, it’s the day after Monday, but it isn’t the the mid part of the week and it most certainly the day before Friday. We all know how magical Friday is. I mean, it’s PRE CATURDAY. Sunday is meant for ChillsVille AMIRITE?

So my Song of the Day is kinda “meh.” I don’t know what it is with me and dating people that are no where near to being geographically convenient, especially because I’m a cyclist, but that’s another issue. That’s why that last line in the song stands out so much.

So, now we have this QOTD. What you can do for extra shenanigans is actually post some audio on your profile and then link us your SOTD in the comments down below.

Or, if you’re lazy, just tell us what your SOTD is because I LOVE READING COMMENTS. Oh & ILU 2! Carry on.