Question of the Day: What If You Were A…?

If you have yet to see Bree’s magical interview with This Century, perhaps you might want to take a hard gander at the above transcriptions. I thought they were pretty funny and decided to ask you all in the Question of the Day “What if’s?” from above.

Bree is also doing a contest there, so if you want to win the above set of questions (yes, some people love This Century that much), then go and check out that link. The rules of that game state that you must answer the question, “If Joel were a (blank), I think he’d be (blank) because….”

Since the QOTD is all about YOU, you get to answer these yourselves. PARTY!

Mein Answers:

If I Were A Month, I’d Be: DECEMBERIf I Were A Day Of The Week I’d Be: SUNDAYIf I Were A Time Of Day, I’d Be: MIDNIGHTIf I Were A Sea Animal, I’d Be: A SKATEIf I Were A Direction, I’d Be: North By NorthwestIf I Were A Piece Of Furniture, I’d Be: An OttomanIf I Were A Liquid, I’d Be: CoffeeIf I Were A Song, I’d Be: The Main Theme From Prokofiev’s Peter & The WolfIf I Were A Tree, I’d Be: A RedwoodIf I Were A Tool, I’d Be: A Ball P33n Hammer

Here’s the Peter & The Wolf Thing:

Now it’s your turn to answer these! GO!