Question of the Day: How Do You Feel About The New Zodiac Sign Change?

If you haven’t heard about the zodiac getting all mucked up, I am going to assume you either don’t care or that you live in a cave in the Ozarks (and you probably can’t see this post anyway). It appears that the zodiac now has a “new” sign, O-phela-whatever-us. Actually, it isn’t new at all, as it was there when the ancient Babalogna-ians first made this crazy chart in the days after teh great flood or something.

When the “Gweilo” started to use the zodiac, they left out the 13th sign for whatever reason. Probably because 13 is a scary number or something and blah blah blah.

Well, some dude that had nothing to do other than turn everyone’s world upside down has gone and stirred the pot while adding a large potato like chunk into the stew that was the zodiac that we currently use. Now, everyone on the internet it running around like chickens with their heads cut off because that SIQQ ZODIAC TRIBAL TATTOO that they got way back when is now WRONG. Which, if you ask me (and you didn’t), is kind of HILARZ.

People have already started to write about this on the Buzznets. You can read their thoughts here:

NewAgeAmazon makes an Ikea joke about the zodiac – READChakaChaka writes about neglected signs like a DCFS worker – READ LovexSuicide now must return bedding thanks to this new change – READ

Anyway, this must have you confused. Please see the following photo by WinkyTheHouseElf:

This poor pooch is STR8 UP CONFUSED!

Annnnd GoldBrickDreams actually captures the sky that is now falling:

My Thoughts:

Don’t worry everyone. This stuff is still just as true as it ever was. You want to really know how to tell your fortune with something that actually works?

RUNES AKA Banana Chips with letters on them.