Question of the Day: What Are 9 Things About You We Don’t Know?

Continuing along our path that is the 10 Day Challenge, today’s magic number is “9.” The topic is 9 things that we may or may not already know about you. You can be as SRS BSNS as you want or you can strut around in your silly pants if you want.

Photo By: TheFriesFellOutOfAmy

My 9 Things:

1. I’m vegan. 2. My sister broke my arm by dropping me off a slide when I was 3. I was taking too long and she pushed me off the side. This is also how I became left handed. 3. I used to be in the Army. 4. I spent a week in a mental hospital and I felt bad because I had a break down for suffering from first world problem breakdown while everyone else had SRS ISH00z. 5. I once illegally crossed the boarder in El Paso, Tx, INTO MEXICO. 6. I have a driver’s license but I don’t own a car. 7. I kind of hate vegetables. 8. I like fried foods and crispy things. 9. After 30 some odd years of living, I still don’t know what I want to do with myself and I’m kind of okay with that.

Now it’s your turn! GO!