Question of the Day: What Are 3 Things You Love?

Yesterday’s question was all about things that you hate, so today is all about things you love.

I think there are reoccuring themes in most of my blogs. My blogs are usually full of music, my dog Moo, and good times like this:

But mostly, the things that I really love are these things:


Exploring is rad because you get to go and wander around the world as you cause massive amounts of trouble. This is a picture that I snapped in Portland. It’s was taken on the Steel Bridge.

This bridge was super high up, so it was windy as all heck and the railing just went about waist high. I was kind of scared that I was going to be blown away to my CERTAIN DEATH. To conquer my fear of this bridge, I pee’d off it.

Anyway, the world is a big place and I recommend you see as much of it as you can before we F it all up and it sucks.


Bikes are a part of how explore stuff. Cars are cool because you can go long distances in shorter amounts of time but you can’t really see anything. Bikes are this strange thing that beat walking/running (and most people that want to mug you) and cars.

I live in Los Angeles. Everyone here asks you about your car. When you tell them that you take transportation or bike everywhere, they either assume that you are poor or crazy. Both are probably true but oh I dunno, STOP JUDGING ME. I used to have a car but I gave it away because it sucked and driving gives me really bad anxiety. I need to move around constantly, as I am very fidgety, so biking takes care of that most of the time. I even move in my sleep. I HAVE RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME.

I might get a car someday in the future but hopefully that is like WAY in the future when I am falling apart more than I am now.


So this is food. It’s a plate of scrambie something or other, toast, a biscuit and gravy, corn, taters, and grits. It’s from this rad place called Souley Vegan in Oakland, Ca. They make some pretty amazing food there that is all kinds of delicious.

I eat a lot. I am always eating. I am always hungry. I think it’s because I burn mad cals all day long. I’m always biking, going to spin class, running 2 miles every other day just cuz, and sometimes I do Pilates with all these cougars down at the YMCA in Hollywood. When I do Pilates, I totally feel like I am violating some safe space because I’m the only guy in there. No worries ladies, I’M NON-THREATENING.

Anypoop, food is awesome. Good food is like giving yourself a hug, FROM INSIDE. That almost sounds creepy.

Thumbnail by: MeganFurSure

Now it’s your turn to do a share! What 3 things do you love? Feel free to post pictures or gifs. Party. Happy Freitag!