Panic! At The Disco Reveals the Cover for ‘Vices and Virtues’

Okay, okay, I KNOW. We’re kind of overloading you on Panic! news right now, but with the album releasing in March and “The Ballad of Mona Lisa” playing on repeat, we’re a little bit excited. And really, if you wanna blame anyone, blame Panic! and their people for giving us so much to write about in the past few days, what with talk about cannons and lyrics and Brendon and Spencer being effing dapper.

And really, how could I not post SOMETHING about this piece of awesome:

Ugh. I am LOVING the aesthetic that Panic! is going with. It seems like a hybrid of the looks from A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out and Pretty. Odd. And I’m taking this as a good sign, since I am hoping this new album will musically be a hybrid of AFYCSO and PO.

Also, let’s speculate a little here, shall we? That tall figure in the background in the goat mask? Could that possibly be Panic!’s current touring bassist Dallon Weekes? And could this mean that Weekes might be joining Panic! full time? OMG SPECULATION!

What do you guys think?