Pain is temporary

Alright, I think it’s about time I explain myself and my neglect of dear old Buzznet.

I’ve been trying really hard to keep updated everyday, but the annoyance of schoolwork has been looming over me ever since the end of the Christmas break. yes, looming. I had a science exam yesterday which genuinely mattered, which was scary. Like, it was legit GCSE. not even a mock! yikes. So, all my time was going into preparing for that.

Also yesterday was the worst day like ever. One thing, I had my science exam. Any exam immediately deserves a big frowny face and lots of fretting. So that was bad enough, but also, because my teeth haven’t behaved properly over the last 16 years, I had to visit the dentist. dum dum dummmmm.

Me and the dentist don’t get on. As far as I’m concerned, brush your teeth, don’t eat too many ~delishus sweetz~ and all will be well. Which I have been doing. But through all the excitement I went through as a child of having teeth fall out and OMG THE TOOTH FAIRY GAVE ME MUNIEZ!!!!!!!!! my body has awarded me by sprouting too many teeth, leaving all the rest of my teeth battling for space. Which hasn’t looked good in the long run, as you can probably tell.

BUT FEAR NOT. dentists and orthadontists have answers to such things. The main answer: braces. So braces it shall be.

I have to have four teeth out. Four. FOUR. And yesterday was tooth number 1’s turn. It would’ve been tooth number 1 AND 2 yesterday had I not been a massive wuss and demanded only one out. (I held up the entire surgery having this procedure done. Hell yeah.) It wasn’t that bad, in all fairness. I barely felt a thing! All was well.

So, now I’m sat here on my 2nd day off school this week talking like a fool. My dinner last night looked like that of a 3 year olds!

Call me gappy. Yeah.