pack your bags, blue valentine.

finally! a minute to sit down & relax! i have been working non stop on my apartment!! i still have a lot of work to do, but it is on it’s way. i forgot how hard it was to move.. its awful!! he he.. sorry i haven’t been updating a lot this week.. been putting all my energy into this place! i want it to be perfect! last night i took a break & went to go see Blue Valentine with my girl friends lauren & natalia. i looooooooooved the movie.. so sad though!! have you seen it yet? its scary how in love you can be with someone & the slowly watch time take its tole on it.. its awful. anyyyywwwaaayyyyssss… i am about to get ready to go & get some sushi with lauren.. after dinner it’s back to work!! i have my friend collin coming over to help me set up my t.v.’s & build a book shelf! hah! hope everyone is having a fabulous day! once my apartment is all set i will be posting photos! can’t wait to share my little wonderland w. you bunnies.. xoxo