Lady Gaga Premiers ‘Born This Way’ Remix, Continues To Make Us Dance Like Puppets

May 23rd.

That’s 123 days away. One hundred twenty three.

It is also the day that Lady Gaga will be releasing her highly anticipated 3rd album, Born This Way. But of course, Lady Gaga is no stranger to hype, so she’s already tantalizing us with a taste of what’s to come. Which is why, 123 days before her new album, we’re already hearing bits and pieces.

The latest Gaga tease is a remix of the CD’s title track, which was premiered at the Thierry Mugler Fashion Show in Paris. Lady Gaga’s stylist, Nicola Formichetti, is the current direct of the revived line, so Lady Gaga was the musical director for the show. Her biggest contribution is the Born This Way remix, which closed the show, and features Gaga speaking German. Roughly translated? “I am absolutely clear/As long as I’m a Monster/I wish we all could be blind/You’re amazing out there.”

And of course, I wouldn’t be teasing with something like this if there wasn’t SOMETHING to listen to, now would I? There’s video from the show floating around and while it’s not extremely high quality, we Little Monsters will take what we can get. And Mama Monster knows it.

EDIT: ORIGINAL VIDEO WAS COCKBLOCKED BY UMG! Will try to keep a current version up as often as possible!

Reportedly, we’ll get to hear a better version of the remix tomorrow, when Formichetti debuts a Mugler short film set to the Gaga track. And trust me, we’ll be keeping you updated on THAT as well.

But in the meantime: 123 days. And counting.