My January Top 10 Chart!

Everyone of us waited for 2011, and now January is almost ended! Ups and dows like always, life is life, and nothing is perfect, we must only try to rend things better, and maybe we can have a better future. Music is always right and pure, always arrives to the aim and hasn’t half words, it always true! In this first month of the year, music released really cool new songs, someone of them became hit after a few of days, other ones warm the stage of the discos and to the parties.

This is my January Top 10 Chart (click on the title for listen or watch the video of the song):

10. No Time For Sleeping – LaVive

The new girlband from German Popstar. I must admit it, I’m not obsessed by them, I didn’t listen so much songs of them, but their genre is enough commercial or disco, I’m not addicted to them as Monrose, my fav girlband ever! But this song is good for listen it in car or for dance with friends.

9. On The Floor – J.LO ft. Pitbull

I’m waiting for her new album so impatience! I’ve always loved J.LO music and songs, she’s so sexy and I can’t wait to buy her new album, last year I was obsessed with “What is Love?” such a hit! And I think this song is enough good and the Lambada beat in the background or a sorta of cover of that song is great!

8. No Love – Eminem ft. Lil’Wayne

Eminem and all the rappers have always been so explicit in their songs, and this is the best thing a singer can does! Love, war, sofference, violence and other themes are usually treat in hip hop songs and is for this fact i’ve always loved hip hop culture

7. Hold My Hand – Michael Jackson ft. Akon

Michael lives with us, with his music. Michael always talk of love, friendship and help in his songs, he always dreamt to a world free to war, injustices, abuses, violences, he always dreamt to a happy and colorful world. He believed in love, over all to chidren’s love and how is better to this song for talk about to friendship and the wish to all the people can has someone near to them.

6. Whip My Hair – Willow

This little 10 years old girl is a hurricane. Talented, stylish and pretty cute! An animal for the stage. She will go on! She is able to do it! This song is so catchy and I was obsessed the first week of January.

5. The Time (Dirty Beat) – Black Eyed Peas

Always to the top, Black Eyed Peas continues to follow the project of THE E.N.D. in their new album THE BEGINNING and what better single if not the cover of the legendary The Time Of My Life (Dirty Dancing Theme) in a 2011 key? All to dance!

4. Wait Up – Mrozu

I completly love this song, not only because the singer is the boyfriend of my friend Marina, but because this song rocks!!! It’s awesome! I would in Italian discos could put this and other songs I love, so in that case I could go and dance, but here only the classic tunz tunz, the stupid beat of house and techno is in the discos, doesn’t matter, in my room I can listen all the music I want. The real music, and this is real music. If there’s someone of you hasn’t listened Mrozu yet, do it now!

3. Just A Dream – Nelly

Who’s never suffered for love raise your hand! I think noone! This is the perfect song for broken hearts. It’s been love at first heard with this song, it’s awesome! And the video is damn cool!

2. Wenus Mars – Marina & Mrozu

And we come back again Mrozu in this top 10 with his beautiful and talented girlfriend Marina, the best female Polish singer ever!!! After a song of broken hearts, this is a romantic song for all the people who loves someone. Wenus Mars, Venus and Mars, the planets of women and men, a fantastic title and a song to listen immediately! Valentine’s day is at the door, I think it can be a perfect song to dedicate!

1. Hold It Against Me – Britney Spears

And of course, at the top 1 couldn’t to be left apart, the Queen of Pop: Britney Spears! With this single she confirmed again to be the best female of music ever, this is the single of the record, in an only a week it sold over 441,000 copies on iTunes, it’s at top 1 in 19 countries. Haters would you hold it against her if she’s the best?

What’s your TOP 10 CHARTS for this January?