Intricacy blames the snowball.

Ciao ciao ciao.

Actually, I don’t know if that means “Hello” or “Goodbye”.

So last Sunday I went to India and last night I went to Cambodia.

Wait, huh?

My church is doing a thing where we have themed nights. We’re dressing up like the people of certain places. Eating food they eat, learning about their cultures, etc. It’s pretty awesome.


I don’t know what food they had because I wasn’t hungry that night 😀


(no one really dressed up)

Lol I had to stare at myself and my clothes to make sure it was really me. Apparently I don’t even know what I look like!

They had squid. I had rice pudding. 😀

We played Taboo. One of the girls was trying to get us to guess what the word was, then she and I stared at each other from across the table and we were both like, “Do I hear Justin Bieber????”

It was true. Except.. no. It wasn’t Justin Bieber. They had Cambodian music playing and apparently it switched over to a guy from Cambodia singing “Baby”. Wow.

It was so much fun, yallz. Next time we do it, it will be Iraq themed and our friend who served in Iraq might come and talk to us.

So, I’m sipping on a delicious smoothie I made while waiting for Bachi to get here. Tomorrow I’m going to German class then Hannah and I are going to the library together. I’ve gotta get Brian “Head” Welch’s bookkkkkk.

How’s everyone doin’? (You must say that with an exaggerated New York accent.)