what i’m listening to!

i have some pretty eclectic taste in music so i though i would share the music i’m currently jamming to with everyone on buzznet! be warned – it’s pretty…diverse/strange?

loving the new my chem cd, especially ‘bulletproof heart.’ love the intro!

also been jamming to ‘i heart NY’ by samuel. reminds me of home! NY rep!!

been listening to ‘lights’ by ellie goulding as well. used to blast this in the car over the summer with my friend jeremy. i guess it’s a weird song to blast but he’s into all this japanese pop (i don’t know if that’s what you call it…it wasn’t in english regardless haha) stuff and this was our compromise!

also, i LOVE covers! (huge glee fan right here) allstar weekend recently posted a cover of britney spears’ ‘hold it against me.’ sounds weird but i love it.

i’ve also been listening to house of heroes cover of ‘can’t buy me love.’

there’s one other song i’m digging right now…but i’m not going to post it so i don’t publically embarass myself. i think i did that already by posting a disney band covering britney spears hahaha

so….i told you it was strange! what are you listening to right now?