I am who I am

A lot of times I feel me so bad with myself, I don’t like my body, and other things, if I could I would change almost everything of me, less eyes and hands, the only parts I appreciate of me…

I hate when people looks me in a really bad way, always with hate and prejudices inside their looks. It’s always been like that! And this is not a great thing and it doesn’t good for me!

I’ve always felt me different to the other people, I’ve always wanted to be different! I don’t like the crowd, all with the same style and outfits, and it’s for this reason and other one people looks me so bad!!

And believe me, it’s a sad feeling, and it doesn’t help me, because I can seem a strong girl but inside I’m so fragile and emotive, and over all in those last years, I’ve not a great interior balance, and it’s enough a little thing to makes me fall or think to that thing again and again.

Sometimes I don’t go out just for this fact, and I prefer stay at home in my world, where there aren’t prejudices, where, ok, I’ll be hard with myself, but it’s only for try to be more strong!

In my life I suffered a lot for this fact, also at school, in high school, I’ve never been a celebrity, I lived to the shadow of the others… I was a great student but teachers didn’t recognize it, but they always said me to do this or that things… if I wasn’t considered and I’ve always been the second or the third, why ask to me to do something and not to the people, the teachers considered brilliant?

All that for say how much I love stay here on Buzznet, where I’ve always found really good people, without prejudices on me, they always said the truth with me, and I’ve always said the truth to them too.

I’m glad and proud to became a Buzzmaker and for a time in my life, I felt me important, people made me feel important!

And now I would thanks all these people:

Hanna: you have always felt me like a princess, like a doll, how you love call me sometimes, you adviced me a lot of things, you have been near to me in some important moments of my life, we shared a lot of things. We laugh a lot together and I love your kind words you always have for me! And I hope to can embrace you soon and say you: Thank you so much! with my mouth. Love you my sweety, you are one of the sweetest girls I’ve ever known in my life

Audrey: when I saw you for the first time I said me: well, this girl is fucking cool and I think people looks her in a bad way too but she doesn’t matter about those thoughts, and this is great! I’ve always admire you for your strong and your creativity! You’ve always worked your work, and what you wanted to do and I admire you for that! Thanks for your words and advices, keep them in my heart. Love you my fashion Goddess!

Marina: on July 2010 I discovered a precious girl, you! I’ve never imagined to be so close with you, and we understood each other at the instants, this fact happens in so rare cases, and I’m happy for that! First to be a great artist (even though Polish not all thinks it like me) you are a great person! A girl with a big heart and soul, people shouldn’t judge you but understand you how I did it when I knew you! Thanks to all our talks and all the things shared about music and other stuff. Love you my star, I hope to see you in a concert soon!

Lynn: a cutest girl! I love so much when we talk and share stuff and I love your kindness with me, only a few of people treats me as you did and continue to do in those months. You are really sweet, I Hope our wish to meet us can be realize soon. Love you darling!

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