Full day, next projects and more…

Hello guys, it’s been a very full day and i hadn’t time for stay here, just a couple of minutes for download my Britney’s gallery, check it out HERE and i’m really happy for her and for her success with Hold it against me, she merits it!

Today I continued to study a little bit and i ended one of the three books i must read and study for analysis of movie, and i chatted with my blackberry with a parterclass of mine for some infos she wanted to know

In the morning I went with my mum at the supermarket and then I bought another Hello Kitty pajamas, such cute, I’ll show you soon, I promise!

I’d glad if you leave some questions or advices HERE so in the last days of January I’ll answer to all of you in a blog

I thought to new projects for the next month, if the time can give it, I don’t know exactly what can be the next one, maybe a contest or something of similar, but I’m sure will be contest in those next months: among the prizes make up, accessories and outfits 😉 so stay tuned!

Any plans for this weekend?