Fashion Icon: Clarissa Explains it All

As a kid, Clarissa Explains It All was one of my favorite television shows. For those that may not know, Clarissa Explains it All was a great show that aired in the early 90’s and who’s main character was portrayed by Melissa Joan Hart. Not only was the show pretty groundbreaking and amazing, but it depicted some brilliant style. Clarissa Darling was fearless. Her closet was full of a good mix of trends and fads of that time period, and she always accessorized. Leggings, boyfriend-style flannels, leather jackets, neon, crazy styled tights, oversized shirts, denim cutoffs, prints, polka dots, vests and docs all in the same outfit…perfection. She was effortlessly “way cool,” contemporary and refreshing. She is my ultimate fashion icon for personifying the slightly grungy but girlie style.