Dear Britney…

Soon I’ll send this letter to Britney with the pics of my Britney’s collection and a little gift for her, I hope she can reads this letter and she can appreciates it!

Hi my Goddess Britney,

How are you? I hope everything is ok with you and your babies.

First I wanna share with you my happiness for your success, another one success, with your new single HOLD IT AGAINST ME, I can’tstop to listen it!!It’s such an awesome hit! I can’t wait to buy the whole album and listen your new songs! I don’t know describe my feelings and my emotions when for the first time I listened HOLD IT AGAINST ME, it’s one of the best songs I’ve ever heard in my life and it will stay in the history of the music for a lot of years.

But I would proceed with order, and I hope to don’t forget me nothing of really important.

You are asking how I did to find your address, well, it’s all merit of my wonderful mom, she found it! And I can’t stop to thank her for this beautiful gift! And if you changed apartment from when i found the address to today, I hope someone can gives to you this envelope, as well.

So, my name is Irene, I’m 20 years old (I’ve just turned 20 on December 7th) and I live in Trieste, in Italy. Well, probably you’ve never heard about this city, I can help you saying that it’s far 2 hours to Venice and near the border with Slovenia. It’s not a huge city, but there’s the sea so I can say that you don’t live bad here, of course I’d prefer live in other parts of the world, but luckily I travel a lot, so I can’t complain.

I went in an Arts High Scholl, I studied fashion (so if you would new outfits for your tournee or an advice for shopping, even though you have a great taste about fashion, I’m here ;D)

I’ve always loved music and over all dance and I do it since I was really young, just like you, and just like you, I started with gymnastic, and in a some way you transmitted the love for the dance, I started to follow you since the beginning of your career, in October 1998, and from that moment I’ve never left you! Know you it’s been like a thunder in a blue sky, I was really young, I was almost 8 but already knew you were my idol for the rest of my life, and well, after almost 12 years and half, I’m still here to follow and love you! It seems yesterday when I saw you for the first time, I’ll never forget! I was at my best friend’s home at that time, and she said me to have discover thanks to her dad a new singer, called Britney Spears, she showed me your first single, Baby One More Time and I was like: *o* I was speechless!!! And then she made me listen your song and it’s been love at first sight and I continued to repeat in my mind: Britney Spears, you will be my idol, my star, my sister! (I’m a only child so know you it’s been like re – found a lost sister <3 ) you will be my point of reference, my source of inspiration. You will be my all!!!

And then I started to buy your albums, add your posters on the walls of my room, and buy everything talked or could have your name, so now my collection is so full, even though I’m still searching for a couple of the last things I haven’t (I sent you all my collection, I hope you can appreciate <3 as you can see I have also some pieces of your Candie’s collection, really compliments for your line is awesome! For the clothes and for a few of other stuff, like the books, the tour’s t shirt and one bottle of Hidden Fantasy I must thanks only my American best friend Celine, she lives in Tucson and sent me those things for me!!! *o* Also I won, in September 2010, another copy of your BLACKOUT album during a Italian programme in radio, during a special dedicated to you!)

My admiration and my love for you is something of indescribable, really I can’t explain with words what I prove for you, you changed my life in better, I know, can seems stupid, but it’s true and every time I’m sad or lonely, I listen your voice and dance and sing on your songs, you are able to feel me free and secure to myself as no one has never done!

You are one of the best person I’ve ever known in my life, really, I don’t say it because you are Britney Spears, the Queen of Pop, the girl who sold over 100 millions of albums… absolutely not! When I love someone, my feelings are completely true, I’m not a liar or something similar, about love I’ve always been serious, right and true! And even though I don’t know you of person (I hope to can do it very soon) I can say without prejudices that you are a true and strong woman, with such a big heart who would never hurt another person and overall an awesome mother who would do everything for her children, the most precious jewels she has! I’ve always seen you like a simple province girl who have done a lot of sacrifices for arrive where you are now and it hasn’t been a descent way, but you were and are strong and you fought a lot for realize your dreams, and I’m really really proud of you, Britney!

Every day I think to you, I read your news around the web, I hope you are ok and I pray for your health and your babies’ health, well.. I’m really emotive girl and it’s happened a lot of times I cried listening your songs (I’m not a girl not yet a woman and Every time are my two fav songs of you, I reflect myself a lot in them) or seeing your dvds, overall with FOR THE RECORD, it’s so deep and true documentary, people hates you should watch it again and again and again for understand you aren’t a bad person!! So, come back to my discourse… I’m really emotive girl and also now, writing you I’m crying, because I’m thinking when you’ll read this letter and maybe you’ll move deeply J so you can think I’m only a stupid girl… maybe I can be it but really, my love for you is so huge that I would can say all these things with my voice, and I hope to do it one day, for now, I hope you appreciate my long letter (and sorry for the length, but I love write letters, overall to people I love)…

I don’t love think to the past, over all if it’s happened something of bad… but I must say this thing, for me is really really important, when happened I promised to myself to say it to you when I could have the occasion, and now I have it… so I’m so sorry if I do live again a bad period for you… when you were in rehab, in 2007, I dreamt about you (you must know, unluckily, I don’t dream you a lot of times, but when it happens is fantastic)… so a night you came in my dreams and this is the dream: I was at home, my pc was open and at one point a window in my pc opens and is a web cam connection with you in rehab… you were in an empty room and you were crying and ask me to help me… I started to cry with you and I tried to listen you and say you something good could make you feel better… you said me that you hated all this and you wanted leave all and don’t come back… and I told you to be strong because you are a strong girl and you must keep you alive for you, and over all for your babies, you couldn’t abandon them and you couldn’t abandon me, because I felt me lost without you! And in the end you said me: thanks Irene, I wanted talk with you because I knew you could listen me and you’ve always been beside me and I could count on you. Thanks, I’ll listen your words. Love you!

Well, this is it and I woke up crying and from that moment I’ve always thought to this dream.

I’ve always hated when people judged you and said you really bad things, it’s something I can’t listen or tolerate! Argh! At the top of the list are paparazzi of course, they never leave you alone, oh Guinness!! It’s incredible!!! I’d find a real job for them and over all I’d see them if could happen to them what they have always done to you, I think they could not love it!!!

There are really a few of persons know you in the real way, your family is at the first place of course, and I can say I’m at the second one, it’s not for modesty but I’m sure about what I’m saying and I know you for who you are, I’ve never thought of you as a liar, a bad mom, a drug abuser, a bitch or other bad bad adjectives… I’ve always followed you, loved you and defendedyou and fought for you! I’ll do everything for see you happy and with a big smile and your face, you are so beautiful when you smile, your eyes bright of joy and of an amazing light, and if you are happy, I’m happy too! I would to see your dreams realized and live a serene life with your babies, with no paparazzi, I know, it’s hard, but nothing is impossible!

I learnt a lot from you, I learnt that it’s right make mistakes, if we didn’t make mistakes we aren’t human beings, I learnt that it’s right cry and don’t think to what people thinks about you, I learnt what means love!

Britney, I hope you can read my letter, and maybe answer me, I know, you are really busy in this period, but it’d be the best gift I’ve ever recieved, only a thanks it would be awesome for me! I’m a simple girl, just like you, also a little thing makes me happy, you make me happy every day of my life from 12 years, and I know you’ll continue to do it!

Stay always like you are now, don’t change, never!

You are perfect in this way

Love you so much


Ps: I hope you like the top I brought it for you, and I hope to see you while you are wearing really soon xo