Dear angel… #4 – I will stand by you forever

January 3rd, 2011

Dear angel,

I’m here thinking about you while I’m crying. In those 2 days I’m not so good, I feel you sad, lonely and it’s so hard feel you and can’t do nothing! It’s such a huge pain, I’ve never felt you in this way, maybe only a couple of times, I know how much I miss to you, the same is for me.

I would embrace you and can say you everything’s ok, and our love is strong!!! I’m repeating to my heart so in this way you can hear me, I’m with you babe, I can’t stay far from you! How long can we sopport all this? Now, I’m really understanding that this distance is a weight for you, it’s always been, but in those last days you are feeling it more and me too.

How many proofs still should we handle? How many proofs before can be finally happy together?

We are fighting for almost 4 years, but we are almost at the end of this eternal battle, soon there will not sad tears anymore.

My little angel, keep the faith! I know how much strong you are, more than me, that’s sure! Your eyes are the light of my darkness.

Love you to death

Always yours