Cool New Wet Seal Shirt…Wait, Make that KEWL KNEW W3T SEEL SHURT

I have tried to come up with some clever way to open this blog up, but to be honest, I’m lost for words. So let’s just move on to the picture:

Do you see what’s wrong with this shirt? Hopefully, you do. In case you don’t?

You’re = contraction for “You are.” As in “You’re wearing a shirt with a major mistake on it.”

Your = possessive. As in “Your shirt has a giant mistake on it.”

According to the way this shirt, available at Wet Seal, is printed, the text basically says “If you possess single, then so am I.”

So, okay, everyone who looked at and approved and printed this shirt missed it, right? It’s a minor thing! If someone had noticed, they’d have immediately recalled and fixed it, right?

Um. No. Actually, a Wet Seal store manager tried to send back a shipment of these shirts saying “They’re misprinted.” And was told to sell them anyway.

The shirt is also still available on the website. So, if you wanna pay $16.80 to smack literacy in the face, please feel free. I’m going to be over here, mourning the death of the English language.