BUZZ GUIDE: Hanni El Khatib, Liz Lemon, Love, and Mixtapes

Hello boys and girls of the interweb. We haven’t done a Buzz Guide in a while, and the other day while I was spacing out during Bones (it was a rerun) I was wondering to myself (whilst humming the tune to “Golden Girls”) where I could possibly take the time to share all things good in Music, Movies, Books, TV, and the Internets (besides during casual chats with my cats)? And then I remembered the Buzz Guide, and thus here we are. Wasn’t that a good story? Without further ado…


Guess what? I’m probably older than you. So I mostly listen to old-timey music from the 1990s. However, this week I wandered away from my normal Pavement/Lemonheads/Superchunk etc iTunes happy times to try some new music on for size. Here’s what pleased my ears:


Tennis is a husband and wife duo from Denver and their music sounds like a sixties girl group if it was fronted by mermaids and performing in a bed of cotton candy.

Hanni El Khatib

Ok FINE, Hanni El Khatib is my neighbor and bestie so I shamelessly promote him all the time. However, I do really like his music which is fortunate because otherwise it would make our friendship really awkward. The video below is new, and is awesome:

Wanda Jackson

This is kind of cheating since Wanda Jackson is the Queen of Rock and has been making music for over fifty years, BUT she does have a new album produced by Jack White, and it is all sorts of good. I was lucky enough to see her perform last week with Jack White and the Third Man house band, and let me tell you, that 72 year old is feisty. She even performed a cover of Amy Winehouse’s “I’m No Good”. Suffice to say it was the best show I’ve seen in a long while.


I haven’t been to a movie in the theater since Black Swan and we all know how that went so here is a photo of my cats:


Love Is A Mixtape

I’m currently reading this book for like the seventh time (as I am wont to do) while poor Anna Karenina gathers dust on my bed stand (I will finish it in 2011 I swear). Rob Sheffield is a music journalist and this is a memoir about his life, told through mixtapes. Which is genius. Also, I’m still waiting for someone to make me a mixtape (I also still dress as if Contempo Casuals is still in existence. It’s sad, really).


30 Rock

30 Rock never ceases to make laugh, except for the parts where Liz Lemon reminds me a wee bit too much of myself (I thought everyone wore bikini bottoms as underwear when they run out of clean underwear, no?).


The Hairpin

This is basically the best website ever. I want to have a weekly dinner party with Edith Zimmerman and the rest of the Hairpin gang. We’ll eat chile rellenos and drink micheladas and paint each other’s nails while we listen to old rockabilly records and make fun of EVERYTHING EVER.