Brendon Urie Promises the Return of Stage Theatrics (and Possibly a Cannon) to Panic! at the Disco

Back in 2006, Panic! at the Disco was an ambitious young band touring with a major stageshow. While playing music from their debut album A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out, the band had a theatrical over-the-top quasi-Erotic Victorian Circus thing going on complete with costumes, make-up, dancers and this rosevest then-guitarist Ryan Ross wore on stage.

Seriously, look at that thing.

Anyway, when the band toured for their follow-up album, Pretty. Odd., they stripped down EVERYTHING. No more onstage craziness, no more theatrics, no more top hats for Brendon Urie. Which, I am assuming may have led to him making this face:

So…with all the changes the band has been through since their formation, including gaining and losing band members, discovering more musical interests and influences and, hell, just plain growing up, what can we expect when they tour again to support their upcoming album Vices and Virtues (which we’ve been talking about a lot but can you blame us)?

According to Brendon? “How can we get this, is it possible to get this? Can you shoot me out of a cannon this time? This needs to happen!”

That MIGHT be hyperbole, but in an interview with Alternative Press, Brendon mentioned several times that the plan is for Panic to bring some of the theatricality back to Panic!’s live show. “Along with being creative in the studio, it’s important for us to be creative with our videos and especially our live show. We love to dress up for it, because it is a special occasion for us, so we would like to treat it as such.”

But will the record lend itself to that? Well, apparently the album “gives us carte blanche for chaos.” And me? Well, I like me some chaos.

Sadly, we don’t have tour dates YET, and this is just making me want them EVEN MORE. Stay tuned, because I”m sure we’ll be hearing more in the coming months!