Boobpocalypse 2011: Selena Gomez Edition

So, MTV Buzzworthy is reporting that, supposedly, Hollyscoop was approached with topless pictures of Disney star Selena Gomez. The shots, supposedly taken in a bathroom mirror, would naturally show off the star’s naked breasts.

Oh no. Boobies.

Aside from the fact that we are still getting ridiculously tied up over topless pictures of celebrities leaking, and aside from the fact that it appears celebs still have not learned how to protect images like that of themselves (you figure after Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgeons, Hayley Williams and Brett Favre they would have figured out UM, HEY, THIS MIGHT BE A BAD IDEA) there’s something new really making me eye roll about this situation. You see, the MTV Buzzworthy post is insisting that these pictures have to be photoshopped! They can’t really be Selena Gomez! And do you know why?

Because Selena Gomez IS A GOOD GIRL

No, really. While their point about Selena wearing a purity ring makes SOME sense in their “Selena wouldn’t DO that!” argument, some of the other factors, like the fact that she owns five rescue dogs? Well, I’m HOPING they were thrown in there for hyperbolic comedic effect.


Because showing interest in your sexuality and taking topless photos does NOT invalidate any good you might do. It doesn’t mean you can’t own rescue dogs or do charity work or help old women across the street. It ALSO doesn’t mean you’re having sex…which, by the way, wouldn’t make you a bad person EITHER. And hey, think about it this way: if you’re doing things like sending topless photos or (gasp) masturbating, you might NOT be having sex because you’re finding ways to keep yourself and your partner satisfied without “going all the way.”

The point is, it’s really, really crappy that for women, especially young women, the definition of “good” and “bad” is almost entirely dependent on their sexual status.

Think about it: imagine a girl who does charity work, volunteers at an animal shelter, gets straight “A”s in school, is a teacher’s pet and is generally a cool, accepting person. Now, imagine it turns out she’s had sex (for our purposes, let’s assume safe, consensual sex) with two different guys.

Odds are your reaction would be “But she seems like such a GOOD girl!”

Now, I want you to picture a “bad girl.” I want you to go with the first image that comes to your mind. Lemme guess: short skirt, low-cut top, sexually active, forward with guys, smoking, drinking, possible juvenile delinquency, the whole package. If she’s doing ONE “bad” thing, she’s probably doing THEM ALL.

This isn’t a judgment call on you AT ALL, this isn’t saying you’re mean or petty…you’re just doing what we’re trained to do by society and the media. Women are taught to judge each other not based on the things we do, but on the “things” we “do.”

Isn’t it about time we stopped? Isn’t it about time we did a “bad girl” thing and flipped the bird to these stupid stereotypes and generalizations? Let’s move on to a place where we can accept that a community-minded straight A student might be having sex, or that a smoking and drinking firecracker might be a virgin. Even better, let’s move on to a place where someone’s sex life or lack there of doesn’t matter. Where being a virgin or not-a-virgin isn’t even something that pings on our radars. Not just because it’s the RIGHT thing to do, but also because if we stop judging each other, eventually it means WE won’t be judged as much…and I think we can ALL agree that would feel great.

And let’s start with Selena Gomez. Maybe she has topless photos. Maybe she doesn’t. Maybe she’s actually an alien. Maybe she plays a mean game of bridge.

In the end, what does it really matter?