Birth Of A Myth

Today for me it’s a fantastic day! Today is the b-day not to a simple man, but also to a many sided artist, a singer, an actor, a songwriter, a musician, a composer, a fashion icon, a husband, a father, an endless myth, my myth: DAVID BOWIE

Since I was really really young I listened his songs and I completly fell in love with LABYRINTH, I watched a lot of times and it’s one of my fav movies ever! When I was a baby girl, I dreamt to be Sarah and can be stay with King Jareth and not defeat him as Sarah did 😉

I’ve been fascinated by him, there’s a sorta of charm in him and not every man has, and for me he’s one of the most sexiest men alive, even though today he turns on 64 years old!

In every era he knew catch the right music essence and to be always in step with the times, for me it’s really hard chose an only one song about him, I can say you a couple of my fav songs and are a lot: from Heroes to Word on a wing, from Labyrith songs to My heart filthy lesson, from I’m afraid of Americans to Thursday’s child, from Rebel Rebel to New Killer Star… every song is full of emotions, mistery, love…

My only wish is could see him one time in my life in a concert, from 2003 he didn’t released any albums, I hope in a his come back soon, music misses him and I miss him too!!!

Happy Birth Day White Duke!

Anyone loves David Bowie like me?