Answers, requests and news

Thanks so much for all your questions and requests, I appreciated a lot, althought they weren’t a lot, I’ve always a motto in my mind: not many but good! 🙂

What would be your dream job?

I would become a music producer, can work with my boy and his band, meet and know all the artists I’ve always followed, help the others in the music area. I’m involving a lot in the university and in this industry for can to be able to satisfy my wish. But I’m a creative girl, I’m able to do a lot of things (draw, create outfits and accessories, I’m a makeup artist and I love work with everything), my life isn’t bored in this sense 😉

When you register at buzznet?! for what purpose did you do that??

On June 5th, 2009 I registered on Buzznet, even though I was surfing in this fantastic world for a while, for take Hanna & Audrey’s pics… I loved read their blogs and see their pics and my wish was can talk with them and know them, I already knew them for almost 3 years at that time and that it’s been the reason of my registration on Buzznet, and then I started to put pics and blogs, and people was interesting to them and now I’m almost a celebrity here hahaha

I’d like to know what has been the best advice you’ve ever received?

Mmh… I think to be always yourself and don’t listen people wants obstruct your dreams and wishes!

I’d like to ask you to put another blog about magic. I am interested in this subject and I think that you’re in this to understand.

I’ll do other magic posts soon, I promise. I’m in this lifestyle for years and even though some people considers me weird or something like that, magic helps me a lot, it’s always been inside of me and I’ve always been fascinated about it and I can’t refuse the call of the magic, so I’m planning my new blogs and there will be something also about magic.

in the blogs you’re doing links and you have it correctly goes to where it is directed. how to do this?

It’s really simple, in blogs you just write this: <a href=”here you put the link” > here in the middle can write click here or everything you want for link to the other page <a/>

In the post of the galleries or simple pics, do the same only with the first a in shift key <A href=” link”> CLICK HERE<a/>

I really like what’s on your page appears at first recording from a concert with Bill and now the hit Brit. I would have gladly done anything like that on my page. how?

other simple step, go on your green Profile botton and click on Notification Settings, then on Profile Display, flow the page, and you’ll see Custom Widget, and on the right a white space, here you can put the embed code of your fav videos from YT or everything you want 😉

I want to see your city! would gladly have appreciated your ability photographer(;; tell in advance you’ll find the best places and do great shots

I’ll post new pics about my city and will talk about it, so everyone of you can see my city without Xmas lights, I have no time to spend for shoot pics in this moment, I have some photos in my archives made in this past months

I can put your condition??(;; I want to see u`r baby new photos even though once in three days

Sure! Coming soon arrive new pics of mine xx

I’m thinking about my new projects, how I’ve already anticipated, I have intention to open some contests where you can win some little prizes, I don’t know when start the first, but I think the next month…

Then I’ll continue the blog dedicate to the music walk of Tokio Hotel, I’ve seen a couple of people really interested to those blogs

Other post in my mind, and I was talking with my friend Kat, is about a makeup tutorial of Britney daily makeup, I hope to can post it soon

I thought also to sell some of my clothes I don’t use anymore or are more big for me and I bought when I was I have a size more xp

In the end I have a request, if everyone of you find in magz at home stuff about Tokio Hotel, Britney Spears and GLEE, I’d be really really glad if can leave a comment here and contact me here: for talk about our address and other facts

Thank u so much one more time

Love you guys