Welcome to standard New Year in Russia

Hello there!

In connection with coming New Year I’m spreading a little unusual stuff. It’s a few things that are related with New Year in Russia. Hope,you like it. Have fun! 🙂


In some people this holiday associates with the smell of tangerine. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because of habit to buy it for each New Year’s party. Anyway I really love it! haha


Russia is not the Soviet state for a long time,but the champagne with the same name still makes and still buys,strangely enough.


Certainly a fir-tree! The rare house does without this beauty. It’s the main symbol of a holiday. Overdressing process delays. I adore do this since I was a child. And it’s important,that it was synthetic. Because so much trees are cut down in vain only that it have stood in apartments couple of weeks and it have thrown out! It’s madness.


What kind of holiday passes without Russian vodka? ahah This budget option is fine – about $7 apiece.


Aaaaand at last..Oliv’e! If you have drunk too much vodka it helps you. As we speak “the Muzzle in salad” aha

Have a nice holiday! 🙂