Ugly Shoes: The Lovely Bride

On your wedding day, don’t you want to wear a pair of fabulous shoes regardless of their lack of comfort? Something along the lines of these beautiful Louboutins?

I know I’d gladly snatch up those Louboutins, but apparently some people want to wear ugly shoes on their big day. For those of you that haven’t seen the link I posted yesterday, I stumbled upon “The Lovely Bride,” an online store dedicated to bringing super-saavy brides comfortable and “stylish” shoes for their wedding day.

The Lovely Bride offers a wide selection of comfortable wedding shoes and bridal sneakers for brides who want to have fun on their wedding day. With our wedding tennis shoes, brides can be comfortable and look taller at the same time. By matching the heel height of your wedding sneakers to your dressy heels you can be confident that when you change into your bridal sneakers your dress will not drag and become dirty. The ivory color of our shoes will blend perfectly with most gowns.”

Now brace yourself for some photos.

I gagged a little. SERIOUSLY. Bridal SNEAKERS? I think they are actually worse than Crocs, and you know how I feel about those god forsaken shoes.