Top 10 Best Oufits of 2010 From Our What Are You Wearing? Group

You guys here on Buzznet are a pretty fashionable bunch. You all have your own unique style and it was pretty difficult to pick just ten from our What Are You Wearing? group. You might be thinking, “well who died and made you Anna Wintour?” and the answer is this: No one! (Although Carine Roitfeld did resign, but that’s neither here nor there).

I am the least qualified person to make this assessment since I pretty much wear the same thing every day and once tried to wear a Snuggie out as a jacket (they’re so warm!). Anyway, here are my choices for the best of the best:


1. Tbex rocks an Almost Famous look in a big furry jacket and cute hat.

2. Nefertara in psychedelic prints and a gorgeous vintage belt

3. Dveelish shows us her punky take on the classic school-girl look

4. Breesays in floral and fishnets

5. Rhianna does hot pink and black and it looks totally cute.

6. Pandawhore always makes black&white look interesting

7. SarahMorrison does 50’s vintage with metallic Frye boots (nice 80’s punk touch)

8. Lynseyprice does polka-dots the pin-up way

9. ErinBelle in a dress from her own line, Night Owl

10. Positively Pinup in a positively pretty look


El Rich in…I don’t even know.