Saying Goodbye to the Old Buzznet

If you haven’t noticed, Buzznet has gone through many changes within the last few months. Earlier this year, the site got a makeover. The aisle that we’ve been traveling down now leads us toward the inevitable: Come December 16th, the “Old Buzznet” will be shut down.

The reason that we created the new Buzznet was so that we could streamline many of the things on the site. The old Buzznet had multiple ways to do the same functions and was often confusing, even for those of us that work here. Granted, we’ve simplified a lot of things on the new site but the nuts and bolts that make up Buzznet are still here.

We are constantly working on improving the site and adding back features that keep you connected to your friends by listening to your feedback. We’ve added forums back, stats, “Comments By Me” aka “Comment subscriptions,” tweaked the Comment/Inbox dashboards, improved the photo uploader, and even created a new version of a side bar (from the old site) that appears on every page you visit. We also are building a non-feed update dashboard for keeping up with the people you follow so it is easier to see updates from your favorite Buzznet members.

There are even some new features that weren’t available on the old site, like audio posts, threaded commenting, and reblogging. We are still playing with these to make them better, so stay tuned.

All of your posts from the old site will be found on the new site once the switch is made, so fear not. We also hope to get rid of a lot of the problems that happened with various posts, comments, etc. that seemed to only live on one site instead of migrating over to the other.

Please join us in moving forward with making Buzznet the place for you to share your talent and get your content featured for all the world to see! We encourage you to keep posting your photography, writing, music reviews, art, and commentary with your community.