Question of the Day: Have You Ever Dated The Sibling Of A Friend?

Friends. Some of us have them. I would say that I have friends but then I would be lying. I have a lot of stuffed animals and anime. That is all I need.

Let’s say that your friend has a hot sibling. Did you ever try to date this person that caught your eye?

– Rich’s sad story time –

Once, in High School, my friend has this very cute sister and I liked her. Mostly she was really nice to me and she would make me food and bring me Kool Aid after a tough day of rebel rousing and skating. I thought it would be the bee’s knees to hold her hand in public. She didn’t. I WAS SHAMED. The end.

Photo by: AMYFACE

Now it’s your turn. Tell us if you’ve ever dated a friends sibling. How did it turn out? Did you refrain from FOLLOWING YOUR HEART? Why? TELL US EVERYTHING.