Putting the “Christ” Back in Xmas!

I figured since Christmas is in fact a Christian holiday and I am celebrating this year, perhaps I should stop for a moment and take some Merry advice from our local churches:

Whoa. Wait. What? Can we keep God’s private life a little more private here?
Ah crap, I was going to try that! Now I need a backup plan…
Well, I would Pastor Williams, but I don’t think it’s legal or physically possible.
No offering peace on earth this Christmas?! That’s not nice!
Oh thank God! I was terrified to say it anywhere else.
True, but Walmart has Christmas presents!
OMG! I totally didn’t know that. Was I absent that day in History of Gift Wrap class? Did she use glue or tape?
Oh. Duh! Why didn’t I think of that before? Oh that’s right, probably because all of my brains fell out!
That’s very true, but then again… he’s not a real person!
Ummm… this makes me feel pretty unloved.
You heard it from church folks! You can freely use the ‘C’ word now, though there is no “no slap in the face” guarantee, so I would use at your own risk.