New Year’s Resolutions – How We’re Making 2011 Count

The New Year is steadfast upon us. What does that mean exactly? Not a whole lot. It just means that I keep writing 2010 on checks for a week or so and that I’ll probably be hung over and in a gutter on Hollywood Blvd.

It also means RESOLUTIONS. The new year means you get a blank slate on which you get to draw on with those colorful giant sidewalk chalks that you buy in those buckets and stuff. It’s a time to make yourself into a more awesome version of the already awesome person you are.

Let’s take a look at some of our friends on Buzznet as they tell us how they want to get more out of their 2011.

KatieJRod is going to eat more ice cream and start a 365 Day Project. Read more about it HERE.

SnakesOnABoat is going to study hard and get a back brace. See her original post here.

Read Reverie3′s inspiring post here. I love her artwork. 😀

SummerGrace wants to take you down a new path.

SappySuperUnknown10 wrote a blog about getting her cat off the treadmill. Read about it here.

Feli promises to love her kitteh more. Oh yeah, and she’s also resolving to do all these other rad things that I should do too if I ever desire to be a functional person in society. Read more here.

Are you making any New Year’s Resolutions? How will you make 2011 count?