What Lies Beneath European Tour – December 21st, 2010, Milan

I can’t still believe that finally, after 6 years, I saw my Queen of Ice, my Goddess of the music, that finally I listened with my ears her angel voice. This is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my whole life, seriously!!! I’ve been also in Nightwish concert last March 2009 (with Anette) but this one has been one thousand times better! Tarja is Tarja and people loves her and would she could be come back to sing with Nightwish, when she sang “Walking in the air” and “End of all hope” two songs sung with Nightwish the crowd was screaming more than when she sang her songs in her solo artist career, it’s still an open wound! But Tarja has having a wonderful solo artist career, she merits it and I’m really happy and proud of her!!!

When I saw her enter on stage I started to cry and to saying me: “Irene, you are seeing her live, after long time!!! Your dream comes true!!!” and then I screamed, I jumped, I sang… I enjoyed a lot!

After 3 hours of wait under the rain and the cold, the doors opened and I entered inside MAGAZZINI GENERALI, it’s not an arena, it’s a little club perfect for metal concerts. Before Tarja there were two French support bands, Benighted Soul and Kells, they weren’t, in my opinion, so amazing, they were nice, even though a couple of pieces seemed to be already heard… i listened of better, if i must say it!

At 10pm it’s arrived Tarja’s moment! The crowd was crazy and everyone called her name and started to sing with her. The concert started with Dark Star, song includes in her last album… she entertainmented us for 2 hours, with songs of her first and her second album, one Finnish song, two Nightwish songs and a medley of Bon Jovi.

Tarja smiled me a lot of times and also pointed the finger on me, I was like: “WOOOOAAAAHHHHH!!!!” and I was in 3rd row, under the stage, it was a little club and the barrier was really near on the stage, and you can see very well all the show.

Tarja speaks a lot of languages and she knows very well Italian too, of course, those most said words, but she’s great! In the end of the concert she said to everyone: Buon Natale (Merry Xmas in Italian) **

Also her band is fantastic, over alll the drummer, such amazing, I shot him while Tarja changed her outfits, he played for 10 minutes and then he started again for the next song with Tarja. Unbelievable!!!

Here there are a couple of my pics, made with my digital camera, well, it’s not like mine, my sponsors at confirmation gave it to me for this occasion, mine broke up this summer, so the quality is not so high, while my dad shot awesome pics, I will create a gallery with all the pics in HD

I love her long black hair *o* she’s perfect! So classy and her eyes bright everything!

Thank u so much Tarja!!!!

I love you so much!!!! I can’t wait to see you again soon